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Day: September 2, 2021

An Interior Designer Told Me How to Make My Apartment Look Bigger, Better

  • I live in a 650-square-foot one-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend in Chicago. 
  • An interior designer suggested we add color to our space with extra seating, artwork, and rugs. 
  • She also suggested we rearrange our furniture to utilize empty spaces.

I moved into my boyfriend’s apartment months ago but I have yet to make it my own. 

To see how I could improve my space, I had interior designer Ashley McLendon from House of June Interiors virtually review the 650-square foot Chicago apartment.

Here’s what she thought about my space and how to make it better: 


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For good Chemicals Are in the Air, Also

In the latest a long time, experts have sounded the alarm about the presence of harmful forever chemical substances in consuming h2o. Now, a new review finds they are also current in the air we breathe.

The study, revealed in Environmental Science & Technologies Letters on Tuesday, made a new system for measuring the presence of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in indoor air, and found them in quite a few locations like kindergarten classrooms, places of work, laboratories and a household.

“Foods and h2o are regarded to be major resources of PFAS exposure,” study senior author and College

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Basic But Subtle Suggestions To Make Your Visitor Bed room Into A Welcoming Abode

Getting ready your household for residence guests can be a really pleasing but worrisome encounter too. Although you will find anything gratifying about helping your people experience welcome and relaxed, for some it can change stressful as well. But we say it would not have to be so, if your decor is on place. A visitor bed room must be a lot more than just a space that accommodates your attendees. It really should be a ease and comfort zone for your site visitors exactly where they can come to feel at home throughout their stay with you. Just take

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