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Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ contaminate indoor air at worrying levels, study finds | Health

Toxic PFAS compounds are contaminating the air inside homes, classrooms and stores at alarming levels, a new study has found.

Researchers with the University of Rhode Island and Green Science Policy Institute tested indoor air at 20 sites and detected the “forever chemicals” in 17 locations. The airborne compounds are thought to break off of PFAS-treated products such as carpeting and clothing and attach to dust or freely float through the indoor environment.

Experts previously considered food and water to be the two main routes by which humans are exposed to PFAS, but the study’s authors note that many humans

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Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ contaminate indoor air at stressing levels, analyze finds

Foods and drinking water have been believed to be the key means people are uncovered to PFAS, but analyze points to threat of respiratory them in

  • By Tom Perkins / The Guardian

Poisonous PFAS compounds are contaminating the air inside homes, lecture rooms and stores at alarming amounts, a new examine has uncovered.&#13

Scientists with the University of Rhode Island and Green Science Plan Institute examined indoor air at 20 web-sites and detected the “forever chemicals” in 17 areas. The airborne compounds are believed to break off of PFAS-addressed products these as carpeting and clothes and connect to dust or

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Review finds how indoor lighting produces electricity for rechargeable products, sensors

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Washington [US], August 4 (ANI): As additional of our devices call for recharging of their batteries, scientists are hunting to ambient lights as a prospective resource of making little quantities of ability for indoor gadgets.

Through the AIP Publishing Horizons- Strength Storage and Conversion virtual meeting, which will be held in between Aug 4-6, Andrew Shore and Behrang Hamadani, from the Countrywide Institute of Requirements and Technologies, will existing their findings on the abilities of indoor photo voltaic cells in producing electricity below an LED.

Their presentation, “Indoor photovoltaics for battery-powered sensors,” will be out there during the

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GrowFlux improves lighting for indoor agriculture

Crops in greenhouses — an progressively well-known way to offer calendar year-round fresh greens and other make to places with cold winters — are most successful when they get the proper volume of mild at the right time.

But there’s a downside. Greenhouses are electrical power hogs and normally generate extra gasses than regular subject agriculture due to the fact of their lighting and heating wants. People are awful features for a burgeoning sector at a time of escalating problem about world warming.

GrowFlux, a Philadelphia agricultural technological know-how start out-up that is attempting to make the field a lot

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