Around the Property: Pesky pigeon challenge not uncomplicated to address | Life style

Pricey Ken: I have pigeons nesting beneath my porch roof overhang. Assist! How can I ship them someplace else? — Debbie

Response: It is a secret why pigeons select out one home in a neighborhood and disregard the other folks. But, after they do, they are very persistent.

Sometimes all it requires is hen wire to discourage them. Use a staple gun to protected the wire to the fascia boards and soffit as a barrier to their roosting enclaves.

A further strategy is to consider a spray-on repellent or gel products these kinds of as Fowl-X or Repels All (entire disclosure: the latter is one particular of my radio show sponsors). They past many months and are really productive.

Lastly, in desperation, my son in Phoenix employed a organization to set up nail-on strips of metallic fowl spikes below each and every eave he has not noticed a pigeon because.


Expensive Ken: My disposal just sits there and hums. I’ve tried using the broom handle trick to get it to spin, also pushing the red button and turning it with the crank. It does rotate but won’t change on. — Greg

Respond to: It’s time for a new one. You can buy a first rate disposal for significantly less than $100. You’ll be shocked how a great deal a lot more economical it’ll be. That’s due to the fact disposal blades uninteresting slowly so you don’t notice their diminished functionality. This is a relatively easy task for two people: one particular holds the new device at the base even though the other turns the whole issue so it nests into the collar less than the sink drain.

Most importantly, really do not neglect to link the ground wire from the twine to the eco-friendly screw inside of the disposal. Also, examine the outlet in the wall with a polarity tester to make positive it is wired properly. In some more mature homes, there can be a a few-prong outlet that is not in fact grounded.

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Dear Ken: I took out a shower door to exchange it. The past owner had applied silicone all around the body. How can I get rid of the leftover residue? — Frank

Response: Rubber silicone is easy to strip off in ribbons just start out tugging on one end, ease a putty knife underneath and pull. The remaining residue generally will reply to mineral spirits rubbed on with a rag. Ventilate the space and just take repeated breaks for fresh air.

For painter’s caulk — this kind of as previous hardened acrylic — 3M and other corporations make a gel-like caulking remover that performs very properly.

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Dear Ken: I’d like to increase a floor and possibly inevitably a home in the attic space. Can you support me with insulation and ventilation troubles? — Ron

Response: There’s a greater trouble. The trusses in the attic were engineered to hold the pounds of the roofing (plus an correct snow load) and the drywall under. If you want to increase masses, these types of as a new ground in addition objects you want to store, you may exceed the design and style limits of the trusses. A person sign you’ve carried out so is the emergence of cracks in the drywall, as the trusses sag under the load.

There is a built-in around-layout even though, which usually means you are going to very likely be Ok if you go effortless. Lay down a 50 %-inch plywood ground and then only use the space for light-weight goods this kind of as vacant suitcases, skis, Christmas decorations and empty bins avoid guides and other significant stuff. If you still want to put an actual area up there, check out with a structural engineer who may be ready to layout some “beefing up” of the trusses and ceiling joists.

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Pricey Ken: We’re finishing our basement. We are carpeting most of this new space, and they want to sell us a carpet with a dampness barrier on it so spills really don’t penetrate the pad. Is that Alright? — Danny

Solution: I wouldn’t do it. It is important that the concrete floor in the basement be permitted to breathe. In most residences, there is invisible humidity that needs to escape into the drier air atmosphere of the basement area. It will come up by the ground and even by means of the concrete walls (that is why I never recommend a vapor barrier on any wall insulation down there). I’m not talking about standing water but simply little amounts of vapor that, if not permitted to escape, can guide to moist ailments less than your carpeting or inside of the walls. So use carpeting with a standard backing this sort of as jute it’ll likely save you revenue anyway.

Dear Ken: I want to acquire a glued-on mirror off the bathroom wall with a minimal amount of injury. Any tips? — Marie

Response: Very first, cover the overall surface area with crisscrossed layers of duct tape. Use wonderful wire to “saw” back and forth, starting up at just one corner. You then could be in a position to relieve a significant putty knife behind it to pry it off the wall. As soon as it starts to launch, it could pop off out of the blue so make guaranteed you have an assistant who can enable maintain it in area.

If it won’t budge, you’ll have to split it with a hammer. The duct tape will hold it all alongside one another so the refuse will be manageable, compact chunks of glass. Use a extended-sleeved shirt, gloves and goggles to guard yourself.

Ken Moon is a household inspector in the Pikes Peak area. His simply call-in radio display airs at 4 p.m. Saturdays on KRDO, FM 105.5 and AM 1240. Pay a visit to