Below are 21 lighting set up with just one light in less than 6 minutes

You probably currently know that a solitary light can give you quite a few different looks. You can make 5, 6, 10 distinctive setups? Actually, you can get as many as 21 diverse setups with a one studio light-weight. In this movie, Dima Metkin will present you how.

Of training course, you can commence with the typical set up with a subtle light at the 45-degree angle earlier mentioned and on one aspect of the product. Modify the angle of the mild stand and have the gentle stage immediately at your product from the camera’s point of view. Take out the diffusion, issue the light towards the ceiling and get a gentle gentle from previously mentioned the model’s head. These are only some of the standard setups. You can incorporate a reflector, a V-flat to the equation, a grid, and gels to the equation, and get even more seems.

In the online video, Dima guides you by way of 21 setups he designed with a solitary mild and some of the accessories I stated earlier mentioned. He gives you a sketch of just about every setup, the equipment that he utilized, as nicely as the outcomes he reached, so you get the full image. And if you assumed that there is not much you can do with just a single light… Perfectly, I hope this movie conjures up you to experiment and see how many different setups you can arrive up with.

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