Candle Lighting Initiative Shares Haddassah’s Glow

A candle-lights initiative was began this summertime to perpetuate the mild of Haddassah Lebovic obm, a youthful lady who radiated light-weight who handed absent a couple of months back.
Comprehensive Tale

Haddassah Lebovic glowed.

All over the place she went, you felt her smile. Her electrical power. Her existence. She radiated light.

An initiative was commenced this summertime to perpetuate the mild.

Hundreds of participants are pledging to give out Neshek kits about the summer time to perpetuate Haddassah Lebovic’s light. Beautifully wrapped candles were being furnished to all those that signed up, and off they went, securely tucked into luggage and purses of…

Teenage counselors, adventurous globetrotters, elementary college students riding the trains, people heading up to the place and Costco, Trader Joes and ShopRite customers have loaded up with Neshek kits, aptly named Hadassa’s Glow – and are now unloading them.

Here are some snapshots:

Sharon, en route to Turks and Caicos, was delighted to acquire a kit from her fellow traveler, Yehudis Telsner, mid-flight. Excitedly, Sharon established up a picture shoot with her new candles in her holiday residence.

Gwenn, a camper in Gan Yisroel Grand Rapids, was thrilled to receive a unique birthday present from her counselor, Hinda Katzen. Her extremely have candle!

Adrienne obtained a Shabbat candle from the French division of Hadassa’s Glow.

Haddassah’s glow is spreading. France, Canada, Caribbean, Six Flags (shoutout to Camp Emunah!), practice rides, and even your area Walmart.

If you handed out a Neshek kit, you had been not just gifting candles.

You have been passing on Haddassa’s glow.

You gave yet another Jewish female Haddassa’s infectious adore of daily life, her sparkly laughter, her radiant disposition.

You gifted the passerby with the powerful assurance of her area as a Jewish girl bringing mild into the earth.

So the place does that go away you?

Be one of the individuals spreading the Glow. We are aiming to arrive at 5,000 Jewish women of all ages by the stop of this summer time. 2,300 candles were now pledged.

Pledge the # of candles you will bl”n distribute on this connection
Stick to Haddassah’s glow on Instagram to watch the candles go away their mark