I’m an interior designer and there’s 10 things you have to stop doing to your homes

THERE are loads of trends that you might think are cool and chic.

But in reality they’re making your home look tacky and cheap, so despite your best efforts you should probably listen to the pros and avoid them.


There are just some interior rules you shouldn’t breakCredit: Arvin Orlano

Luckily this interior design pro shares the things he sees people do all the time in a bid to make their home look posh.

Arvin Olano shared the helpful tips and some of them might surprise you.

Window mirrors

“Who are you trying to fool,” the pro joked.

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I’m an interior designer, this tip is the key to making your home look posh

They might seem like a good idea, especially if you’re working with a small space and want to make it look bigger, but these tacky mirrors just aren’t the way to do it.

In reality they don’t look enough like windows but they also make terrible mirrors, meaning it’s a bit of a lose-lose.

Arvin said: “You can’t go wrong with a simple, elegant mirror.”

Matching colours

“This is when you pick maybe a red accent wall, and then a red accent pillow, and then a chair next to it that’s in the exact same colour,” he explained.

There needs to be more transition colours in between otherwise it can look overwhelimg.

Instead try and “blend your colours together” for a more cohesive look.

Copying showrooms

It makes sense, why do the hard work when someone in a showroom has already picked out the things that things that look good together?

“It’s best to mix and match your pieces,” Arvin explained, adding that this will make your home feel more unique and personal to you while also giving it a classy and curated look.

Too much texture

Unless you have a boho style, overloading your rooms with texture will make it look heavy and unblanced.

Some texture will add dimension to your rooms, but it’s important to be extra picky about the textured things you choose, whether it’s a tasselled pillow, woven rug or a pom-pom blanket.

Painted arches

There are a few exceptions to this rule, for example if you paint an arch over your bed to mimic a headboard, you can be excused.

But when they’re everywhere for the sake of it they end up looking super tacky, Arvin revealed.

“It feels very disjointed and I see where you’re trying to go with this, but now that it’s super trendy people are going super bananas with it,” he said.

Over decorating

The interiors whizz said: “I get that you’re trying to get a cosy vibe with all the layers and textures, but you want to think about visual breathing space.”

There is no point shoving every nice vase or stylish book you have onto your coffee table.

Instead stick to the rule of three to help balance your space out and stop it feeling so cluttered.

Themed rooms

For example, if you wanted a beachy concept for your home, avoid literal items from the beach.

This is a costal theme and comes across as tacky and badly planed, the boats and starfish around every corner just aren’t needed.

A concept can convey the same relaxed and bright beachy vibes without shoving it in your face.

Using light furnishings and cool tones gives the same effect, but it doesn’t hit you in the face and comes across as much more posh.

Artificial scents

Just because you get a apple pie scented candle for secret Santa doesn’t mean you have to fill your entire home with the scent.

They just don’t smell luxurious or inviting and the pro recommends scents like eucalyptus or rose that are more natural.

Crowded sofas

We get it – you can’t be too comfortable, but how many pillows do you really need?

Try positioning your pillows at an angle for a sleeker look.

Arvin said: “Stop buying the same sized pillows, I’m seeing it all over Instagram and it’s driving me nuts.

“Make sure you work your way from the back to the front, largest in the back, smallest in the front.”

Wrong sized rugs

“Rugs are crucial for any space, it’s probably the largest piece in the room besides your sofa, so you want to make sure you get it right.”

When a rug is too small it makes the entire room look smaller and your furniture looks disconnected from the rest of the room.

“The bigger the better,” the pro said.

Painted arches are overdone and look misplased


Painted arches are overdone and look misplasedCredit: Arvin Orlano
Fake window mirrors don't look like windows and are shoddy mirrors


Fake window mirrors don’t look like windows and are shoddy mirrorsCredit: Arvin Orlano
A well styles large mirror looks much more classy


A well styles large mirror looks much more classyCredit: Arvin Orlano
Matching colours look cheap and tacky, go for a more subtle option


Matching colours look cheap and tacky, go for a more subtle optionCredit: Arvin Orlano
Themed rooms look lazy and tacky, try a concept instead


Themed rooms look lazy and tacky, try a concept insteadCredit: Arvin Orlano
Arvin's tips will stop your home looking so cheap


Arvin’s tips will stop your home looking so cheapCredit: Arvin Orlano