The Best Floor Lamp of 2022

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A beautiful floor lamp in a room

Whether you want more overhead lighting or you’re looking to create a cozy vibe in a room, almost anything is possible with this stand-alone piece of furniture. Floor lamps allow you to control the glow and set complimenting lighting for both you and the décor in your space.

From traditional rotary switch models to smart home compatible versions, working with a simple foot pedal, you have tons of options. You can pick a product not only for its style or size but also for added features. If you’re more into traditional vibes, you can get linen lamp heads, shelved or wooden poles, or you can opt for minimalist metal pole options for a more contemporary look. Some products are also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant in smart homes, so, there’s plenty to choose from.

And, to help you with that, we’ve gathered and reviewed the top-rated floor lamps of 2022, and have put together a guide with some key factors to consider during the buying process.

Top Picks

Best overall: Joofo floor lamp

Safe for your baby and pets

Safe for your baby and pets

This pick tops our list with its multiple control options, engineered to provide you with an optimal experience. The 10-meter range of this product allows you to control it from your bed or sofa, and it comes with add-on touch controls with long-touch step-less brightness adjustment. This option also features low heat, high brightness advanced LED technology in a 200-watt incandescent lighting fixture. And, the acrylic material construction won’t let the product overheat and it offers a lifetime expectancy of 100,000 hours. This option exemplifies quality technology, and it lowers replacement and maintenance costs with a 20% longer life. Plus, you can set the lighting from natural white, warm white, and cool white from 3000K to 5000K with smart memory, remembering settings if power is ever interrupted. The wide and heavy base also ensures that this option stays stable.

Key Features:

  • Three-way switching mechanism

  • Glare-free and directional light

  • Energy-saving and heat reducing technology

Most durable: Addlom floor lamp

The heavy base of floor lamp can keep balance well

The heavy base of floor lamp can keep balance well

This modern design metal floor model features a safe and sturdy base, keeping this option balanced and preventing tipping and wobbling. It also features three advanced color temperatures with 3000K (warm white), 4500K (cool white), and 6500K (clear white). You can change the color temperatures with a convenient footswitch, and the smart memory saves the last color you set on it. The lampshade comes in a soft light beige color, evenly spreading out a warm glow without creating shadows. The high-quality lampshade linen material ensures easy cleaning as well as longevity. The initial assembly is super easy with the instruction manual. And, with this product from Addlon, you can enjoy a three-year quality support period.

Key Features:

Environmentally friendly: Nxone LED floor lamp

Modern floor lamp with minimalist design decorate your living room, bedroom, office

Modern floor lamp with minimalist design decorate your living room, bedroom, office

This next option introduces a modern, decorative look with incredible height adjustment. You can change the height of its pole smoothly thanks to an innovative retractable design. This product also allows you to personalize all the settings according to your preferences. The brightness levels can go from 5% to 100%, offering four different color temperature settings. And, it comes with remote control with three customizable modes. It controls the brightness, on and off functions, and the color temperature of the light. Moreover, this option is super easy to assemble. It comes with a flexible head and adjustable gooseneck, pivoting the head up, side to side, or down for direct or dispersed light. Plus, the structure with a wide and weighted base ensures that this product won’t tip or knock over.

Key Features:

Quality materials: Pazzo floor lamp

Our floor lamps with shelves are made of solid wood with stable structure, are high loading and durable

Our floor lamps with shelves are made of solid wood with stable structure, are high loading and durable

This pick features a shelved design made from high-quality wood. The non-deforming high-density bench-style frame is capable of bearing up to 20 pounds. It’s highly durable and perfect for a comfortable, cozy space. A power outlet function is provided, as well as two fast-charging ports, one Type C, and another USB, meaning you can charge up to three electronic devices simultaneously. You can easily place this gadget on the shelf and enjoy a quick recharge. The solid shelves under the lampshade can be used to store all your everyday necessities and decorative items. From plants, remote controls, and books to picture frames, dolls, and more, everything will look great!

Key Features:

  • Three color temperatures

  • Three-tier shelf storage

  • Pull chain switch

Kid-friendly: Lepower tripod floor lamp

The sturdy design makes it wobble free and safe to have around children and pets

The sturdy design makes it wobble-free and safe to have around children and pets

Made from high-quality natural rubber, a wood tripod makes this product wobble-free and offers balanced support. The tripod spreads out the weight of the fixture evenly from the stem to the legs, forming an enduring, durable, and long-lasting frame. The lampshade is made from durable and textured linen, blending perfectly with any kind of setting and décor. There is an E26-sized screw base that can work with 10-12 watt LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs between 40-60 watts, or energy-saving bulbs from 12-20 watts. The assembly and initial setup are pretty straightforward and made easier by the elaborate instruction manual. The three legs spread wide under the stem and shade so the product remains firmly in its place, perfect for homes with pets or kids.

Key Features:

A buying guide to the ultimate floor lamps

Buying a lighting option that looks amazing and flatters both you and your space can be tricky. But a good product adds to the aesthetic and lightens the mood. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials, with a great many features, you can find exactly what you’re looking for with these products. Here’s our comprehensive buying guide that elaborates on this further. We’ll go over everything from size, to style to functionality.

Choosing a good floor lamp

Picking a good-quality product requires a few important considerations. Here’s what you need to look out for:

Switch type

These kinds of lighting products come with different kinds of switches for turning them on or off. The most common switch type is a rotary switch, you simply turn a knob; they might have two or three adjustable light levels as well. These models are perfect for an area where you read, work or simply want to change the light levels throughout the day.

Next are footswitches, featuring a button on the cord you can step on to turn the fixture on and off. It’s a highly convenient option for bedrooms, living rooms, and more.

Bulb type

You also need to check the compatibility of lighting products with certain bulbs. Most floor models will work with LED bulbs but you should check and confirm this before buying one. Some are compatible with LED, incandescent, and energy-saving bulbs as well. LED bulbs are preferred because they offer impressive light output and use about 75% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs. And, they also last 25 times longer, making them the preferred choice.

Shade type

The lampshade defines the kind of light you’ll have in the room. Lampshades can enhance a warm, diffused glow or brighten up a room. If you’re planning on getting a purely practical floor model, choose a plastic or glass shade. Linen or burlap drum shades are preferred for creating an ambiance with warm, less bright light.

Intended use

This is another important consideration. Usually, a floor model is used for three basic purposes: task lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting.

Task lighting is all about increasing the contrast more over illumination. Task lights come with an extendable, adjustable arm for holding bulbs directly over a workspace. Accent lighting is meant to create visually appealing spotlights. They’re usually used for enhancing a certain aspect or architectural feature of a room. Ambient lighting refers to the general amount of light in a space. Ambient floor models offer light in a large section of a room or more diffuse illumination throughout.

Adjustability and size

Floor-based lighting products are typically at least five feet tall. Traditional shades rest near the eye level, optimizing light and reducing glare. Torchieres are usually taller and designed to illuminate ceilings as well. Task and reading models come with adjustable shafts and extendable arms, allowing you to point and adjust them according to your vision and preferences. Select the size according to your space and intended use for the best lighting.

Types of floor lamps

Here are a few kinds of floor models available:

Ambient floor lamps

This is the most common type of lighting product, giving off a general spread of light through the room. These versions come with traditional shades for semi-direct illumination in the corners of a room. And, they offer sufficient lighting for reading or knitting, while not being as focused as reading models.

Torchiere and upright floor lamps

Torchiere versions are similar to shaded, traditional varieties. You can distinguish a torchiere model easily with its upward-pointing shade. The shape makes great for accenting light, rather than ambient or task lighting. They’re perfect for corners because they add more dimension to a wall with uplighting that pops.

Reading floor lamps

As the name suggests, these products are designed for more focused tasks. Reading floor models offer direct light, brightening up certain areas they’re pointed at. You can place one near a sofa, a desk, or an armchair where you read, knit, type, write, or more. These products also come with flexible, tilting arms so you can adjust them for brighter illumination.

Arc floor lamps

Arc floor models offer flexibility and versatility. You can think of them as a combination of reading versions and ambient floor lights. Arc floor models come with a stem that’s adjustable outwards as well as up. You can move the shade to the area you want to concentrate light. They can also duplicate the effect of overhead lighting by stretching upwards.

Advantages of getting a floor lamp

A few benefits of using floor lamps include:

  • The added lighting they offer is a plus for any room in your house. They are excellent for creating an appealing mood with a warm, dispersed glow

  • Floor lamps are quite versatile. You can easily change the lamp’s location to spice up different areas of a house

  • They add aesthetic beauty at a minimal cost. You can light up a room with various kinds of lighting color, texture, feel and design

  • They don’t let you get bored. You can change a lampshade or bulb, getting a whole new vibe

  • They are available in multiple sizes, shapes, forms, and colors

The easiest way of complimenting every item in space is by adding a warm source of light. Floor models are perfect for setting a mood or accentuating small corners, nooks, or furniture. Dispersed light, at an average person’s height, gives off a flattering atmosphere for pictures as well.

People also asked

Q: How tall should a floor lamp be?

A: Floor lamps are usually between 57-64 inches tall, eye level for an average adult. Torchieres are almost always taller.

Q: Where should I place a floor lamp for the best lighting?

A: For enhanced task lighting, position a floor lamp near a sofa, a chair, or an armchair where you sit. And to increase ambient light, place a lamp along the edges of a room or near corners.

Q: Can I put more than one floor lamp in a room? How many should I use?

A: The number of floor lamps you’ll need depends on the size of the room and lighting requirements. Generally, a room doesn’t need more than one or two lamps if there is overhead lighting or some amount of natural light. If the space is large, two lamps flanking on either side of a large-sized sofa will look great.